David Tillman

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Author  ofHammer that Mortgage a book that will help readers shave many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars off their mortgageclick here to purchase.

Business Coach and Adviser.  This is such a big topic its not possible to capture how I can help in a few short words, all Ill say is that I bring a fresh set of eyes to your business that can help bring clarity and a pathway forward

Public Speaker.  My interests centre around investment, finance, business and achieving goals so these are the topics I like to talk about. If youre looking for a speaker for your next seminar or conference, then lets chat.


Why I do what I do

Im amazed at how the small choices we make now can have a massive impact later in life.

For example, why is it you can take 2 people, same job, same income, same starting point and one slowly limps his or her way to a modest retirement while the other retires early and lives what many call "The Dream".

It all comes down to the decisions they made along the way, good decisions early, compound to help you be financially free sooner while poor discussions work against you, holding you back from living the life you've dreamed about.

Fortunately were not talking rocket science here, what I teach is easy to understand yet very powerful.

When it comes to business it's the same, working smarter is not rocket science but it can get complicated when you spend all day fighting fires. All business owners need to put time aside and look at the big picture which is where I come in. I've owned and operated a business so I know what you're going through but as an adviser I'm in the unique position of looking in, not out.It's still your business and you can run it anyway you like, but I'm going to be your sounding board and tell you what I think even if it's not what you want to hear.


My Committment to You

To add value