David Tillman

DT Cropped

Business Coach,  Author,  Public Speaker,  Investor

Up until July 2010, I owned and operated one of the largest mortgage brokering businesses in Christchurch (and New Zealand) - David Tillman Mortgages Ltd.

Starting on my own in 1999 I quickly built a reputation for exceeding client expectations which resulted in the rapid growth of the business. As any business owner reading this knows, growth is great but it also brings its own unexpected challenges. Right from the start I had a plan, I knew how big I wanted to get and when I wanted to exit. Having said that I still went on a big learning curve as I transitioned from just writing mortgages to running a business.

Today I work as a business coach and mentor, drawing on the many lessons I learnt from the "School of Hard Knocks" when I was a business owner.

I've also turned what I learnt into a book called "Hammer That Mortgage"  which is a must read for anyone with a mortgage or anyone thinking of buying a home and getting a mortgage. The book shows that with the right planning and structure the savings in interest and time can be enormous -Click here to order the latest edition.

Other interests include writing,public speaking and investing.

Outside of work and business my interests include: Gliding, Sailing, Blokarting, travel and reading.