David Tillman

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"Hammer That Mortgage" is packed full of tips and tricks for repaying your mortgage faster. It's easy to read with short punchy chapters that will leave you asking "why didn't someone tell me this years ago?".

Up until July 2011, I owned and operated one of the largest mortgage brokering businesses in New Zealand but that didn't automatically make me an expert in repaying mortgages faster, that just makes me the same as your bank manager - anexpert in getting you a mortgage.

What sets me apart is that in 1985 when I purchased my first house I set a goal of repaying my mortgage in 5 years. A very ambitious goal but I did achieve it, and since then I've made a study of understanding debt and how to get rid ofit faster.

As the saying goes I've "walked the talk"

By the way, how I did it is revealed in "Hammer That Mortgage" which also brings together all that I've learnt during my many years in the banking and mortgage brokering industries. Even better the tips and tricks I give aresimple and easy to implement, you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on complex plans that may or may not work.

Here's a wee taste of what you can expect - the "Bulletproof Mortgage". Without paying a cent more than you should have sensibly budgeted for, that's right not a cent more, you can potentially save over $200,000 on a$450,000* mortgage and take 11 years off the term. Savings vary depending on the loan amount and interest rates:


Loan Amount

Interest Saved*

Years Saved



















This is massive, and more importantly it also removes one of the biggest risks (see book) facing mortgage holders today. I firmly believe the "Bulletproof Mortgage" should be the foundation stone of all bank mortgages, sadly however its not, which is why this book is so important.

Of course this is only one of many great ideas that you can build into your mortgage.

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* Figures above are based on a new 30 year mortgage and are indicative only due to future interest rate fluctuations - refer to book for more information


I read Hammer that Mortgage by David Tillman recently and I have to say it will and has already changed my whole approach to my mortgage which in turn will have a big impact on mylife.  I have bought and sold property for many years so I am definitely not a novice and I am familiar with most of the concepts in the book. Its great value however is in making a simple but powerful argument for not being apathetic or allowing lack of action to financially stall yoursuccess or ability to create wealth.  I thought having interest only loans was a way to have more with less but having read Davids book I realise there is much more to be had by doing things a little differently.  I will now be mortgage free in 4yrs so it is working for mealready!!  I also passed it on to my team at work and it has certainly changed a few other lives as well!!  Highly recommended.

Thanks for a very enlightening read!!

Helen Wood


This book certainly lives up to the advertising blurb "........is packed full of tips and tricks for repaying your mortgage faster. It's easy to read with short punchy chapters that willleave you asking "why didn't someone tell me this years ago".

I purchased this book after lunch and read it from cover to cover before dinner. David Tillman writes in an easy to understand style for the layman and the book is specifically targeted tothe New Zealand market with case studys but the principles are valid for any country.

I am retired and have been mortgage free for a number of years now but 2 of my children have substantial mortgages and the 3rd is in the process of applying for a pre-approved mortgagewith a bank. In this "spend now, repay later" culture of the last 30 to 40 years, it is hard for the younger generation to resist the siren call of the advertisers to have all the latest gadgets on time payment. If they can resist the siren call, which David Tillman calls "DelayedGratification", they could certainly save literally tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on their mortgage interest and become mortgage free much much sooner. He gives examples with realistic dollar figures and interest rates. I was so impressed with this book, I purchased3 copies the next day to send to each of my 3 children.

Maurice Harnett